December 12, 2016


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Elder Hunt

Santa Clause, Barbarian Night

Hey family! So we have a Zone conference in Moncton New Brunswick tomorrow and we are currently making the trip. It's about 2 hours north of Halifax and the roads are terrible! I drove the first hour and Elder Trivino is driving the last hour! Haha it honestly reminds me of trips we took to Washington. We are driving the missions 12 seater van because we had to pack all of the packages for the New Brunswick Missionaries (60 total) and there are sooo many boxes of presents that the parents have sent in. I feel like I am Santa Claus about to go deliver presents haha! The roads are snow packed and it's super windy but we're making it! (I hope this doesn't make mom stressed lol) I am excited to Skype you guys Christmas Day! It's going to be really fun! I will be skyping from the mission home and you might be able to say hi to President Pratt! I'll ask him if he will stop in and say hi! He is such an awesome man! I love him so much. I'll get you a video as soon as I can, probably not today because we are on the road right now and I don't think I will have time. I love you guys and I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season. The lights are beautiful and I truly love having a white Christmas. There is nothing better.

This week we had transfers so from Monday through Thursday we were making preparations for the missions to travel around the mission. Not to mention orientation for the new missionaries and getting them adjusted into the Canada Halifax mission on Wednesday. It was super busy but everything went well and we got everyone to their areas safely, the missionaries flying to Newfoundland had to stay in Halifax an extra day because of a snow storm and their flights got canceled. We started to teach Hannah the Plan Of Salvation and got through the first couple principles. Hannah has already read through the 2 book of Nephi and is still continuing to read! She also has finished the first half of Gospel principles and she loves the gospel! She wasn't able to make it to church because she was at her sisters house on Sunday but man she is so solid. Ekrem dropped our appointment last Saturday so we were surprised to see him show up at church on Sunday! The Motto "We don't cast our Pearls before Swine" came back last Saturday as we tried to knock. There is a lot of ignorant people here in eastern Canada btw. The Elders Quorum had an activity called Barbarian Night were they spend the rest of the years money to buy a bunch of meat and just eat meat all night. Then they gave us the rest of the meat that was left over so now we have a bunch of meat to eat so that's exciting! Well I'm excited to eat it haha anyways this week is going to be pretty busy with zones conferences and traveling. But I'm looking forward to seeing all of the missionaries. Love you guys!!



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