September 14, 2016


Moncton, New Brunswick Canada


Elder Trivino

We decide to let life shape us in a positive or negative way

Hey family! How are you guys doing? How is work for both Mom and Dad? How is school for Ellie? Is she dating or liking anyone right now? How are you guys doing spiritually mentally and physically? Are you guys preparing for the wedding and when is it going to be? You guys should make a cardboard cut out of me so I can be present in body and in the spirit. haha I haven't had a good answer to these questions when I read your weekly to me and I have to admit, I have been sending you guys lame emails recently too haha I see a need to change so I will try and do better. I will be more stressed and busy though because I am now an assistant. Other then that I will be doing my best to keep you guys updated about the area and how I am doing.

Serving with Elder Trivino this past transfer has a been a lot of fun. He is an awesome missionary that has taught me a deeper understanding of the scriptures, discipline and EXACT Obedience. I appreciate his example and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve with him. Elder Trivino will be training someone and will be a Solo Zone Leader. He will be awesome. With that being said, I will be getting transferred and I will be going back to Halifax as an Assistant. I honestly don't know how I really feel about the next transfer but I am submitting to the will of the Lord and I will do my best to help the mission. To be honest, I was hoping I was going to head over to Newfoundland but that obviously didn't happen. Maybe I will get there near the end of my mission but we will see what God has in store for me. We are given trials, circumstances and life events for progression but we have a decision to either let this life shape us in a positive or negative way. I hope that we can all keep an eternal perspective about life and to stay positive.

This week our investigators have decided a Wedding Date! They will be getting married on October 22nd and I am sad that I won't be able to attend. I know that Elder Trivino will hold down the fort and get everything prepared and ready to go for them. Melony and Chris have really showed a repentant side to them. I can see a change of heart in their appearance as they've kept the commandments. Chris told us that the Holy Ghost and touched his heart and he choose by himself to not go to bars and swear anymore! He also brought one of his friends to our Ward Game night last week and he could be a potential to work with in the future. They are doing really good as a family. They weren't able to make it to church last Sunday though because Chris was throwing up the entire night.

We got a new Bishopric this past Sunday. The new Bishop is Bishop Hall and he is from Ontario. He has lived in Moncton for about 3 months and he is a blessing for the Ward. We also had a family move in from Alberta and they have a couple Young men! I am excited for the Moncton Ward because there will be a lot of good and needed changes. One of our less active families is now willing to come back to church because of the changes. I guess when they went less-active, there was no support from the Ward at all so it has been easy for them and a lot of families stay Less-active. I am leaving right when things start looking good haha Not saying that things weren't good before but they definitely weren't the best. That's the struggle out here in the mission is that there is very few ward and Branches that actually fellowship and have the numbers to fellowship the saints. Which leaves a lot of pressure on the missionaries to do more then just the regular. It's a hard mission but It is also a blessing because I know that this is where I need to be. It truly has strengthened my testimony and I know that this church is true.

I love you guys
thanks for the support
Elder Kleinkopf


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