October 26, 2015


Amherst, Nova Scotia


Elder Wolvers

Halloween, Temple and 2 year old.

Yes I am still in the trio and Amherst has been awesome! Well the family that came in has 6 children so its really a family of 8! haha the oldest is 11 and the youngest is 2. So they are all fairly young! They came to church on Sunday and the atmosphere of the building changed. It seemed a lot happier and the spirit was stronger. Its amazing that a child can radiate such a powerful light. The spirit is so strong with them. During sacrament meeting Helena, the 2 year old, came up to me and started talking to me in her baby talk. She is very cute and I couldn't help myself from laughing. She held out a pen and wanted to draw in my journal. Lets just say that there is a bunch of scribbles all over my notes hahah I didn't care, I loved it. After that we became best friends and she sat there by me the rest of the meeting. She is the cutest thing. Yes Canada has a Halloween and we have to be in our apartment at 5 pm. I guess some missionaries in the past thought it would be funny to go "knocking" on Halloween and got candy for it. ha ha! The weather is great, It hasn't snowed yet but its getting pretty dang cold outside. I have a waterproof jacket that goes over my Suit which keeps me warm. I will be buying a coat later. Mom, no need to worry, the pioneers traveled in handcarts in the middle of winter. I think I'm fine(:

There hasn't been anything really exciting since the last time I wrote so I'm going to keep this one brief. I had the chance to go to the Halifax Temple last Thursday and it was one of the best experiences I ever had. I got to sit in the waiting room for a little bit until it was our Branches turn to go into the Baptismal faunt. During that time, I sat there with my eyes closed and pondered some of the questions I needed answering. I sat there and prayed and prayed until the spirit filled me. Promptings from the Holy Ghost came and my questions where answered. I was able to recognize the spirit because I was prepared and worthy to receive it. The next time you guys go to the temple. Prepare yourselves for it. Read your scriptures, listen to conference talks. Serve and help others and the more you follow the example of Jesus Christ, the more prepared you will be to recognize the promptings of the spirit.

A single rain drop won't cause a flood, but an abundant of raindrops that fall consistently will. Our acts of service are like raindrops. Sometimes we don't see the affect of a simple act of service like smiling or giving someone a hug. But overtime, the more we serve and help others, will lead to a change in someones life. I encourage you to not give up hope, keep on helping people out and the spirit will fill their life.

Elder Kleinkopf


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