September 21, 2015


Amherst, Nova Scotia


Elder Lawson

Members in discussions, Knocking doors, Beer???

Hey Mom! No I haven't bought any gear for the winter yet because the town of Amherst isn't a good place to buy anything. They don't have any good quality stuff. It hasn't got cold yet either so there isn't a need too. The members said that the cold weather won't be coming until late October and to buy my stuff next transfer so I'm just waiting patiently waiting for the opportune moment haha I would love to send more pictures but I honestly dont have the time. On P.E days we dont even get out of our white shirt and tie. My companions dont believe in taking breaks from missionary work so we spend our day buying food and other things for the up coming week and then we stop by our investigators and our less active members. There is no time to go out and take pictures haha One of these days I will have to stop and get some pictures. We travel along the coast and it is so beautiful. The woods go right up to the beach and I have never seen something more pretty.

The dog is named Pixie haha She is a pug mixed with a shitzu! I dont know how to spell it so excuse my french haha I cant even tell you how happy that makes me that micaela is home. I have been praying everyday for her and its good that she is making some progress. By the time I get home, She will be as good as new. Gosh I love her. Just think of the ressurection and how we will be perfect. No flaws or anything! Wow thats going to be so awesome! haha

(Weekly Letter)
We had a very long and exhausting week. The only time we stopped working was for lunch and Dinner. We had a zone conference on Wednesday and we would be gone for the entire day so we knew we had to make up for it to make the weekly standard. We first visited with one out of our 7 investigators. His name is Steve Bonang, he has no believe in God but is very interested in the church. When ever we meet with him we read the Book of Mormon with testify of its truthfulness. We told him that if his intentions were right and if he truly wanted to know if this church was true, then he should pray to his heavenly father. He then accused me of being brain washed because I grew up in the Church so of course I would get an answer. We then had the member we brought with us testify of his conversion story because he was a convert. The spirit was so strong and he didnt have anything to say after that haha After this experience I gained a testimony of the power of having a member present in lessons. Steve was able to realize that he to could feel of the spirit if he prayed and followed what we taught him. I want you guys to reach out to the missionaries and ask to be apart of their lessons. I want you guys to be a friend to those investigators so they can feel comfortable when they come to church. Get involved with missionary work and you will feel of the joy that comes from it. On Saturday we spent 5 hours knocking doors and street contacting. We needed to have 10 proselyting hours for the week and so we spent the entire day proselyting. It was not that fun haha One of the contacts we met offered us a beer at the door. Lets just say that we wont be visiting that house any more haha
In Zone conference we got to hear from Elder Perkins. He is a member of the Quorum of the 70. He gave a lesson on how to evolve from objects into agents. He said,
"Most people to go to Church meetings to be acted upon. That is were they are wrong. They need to be actively engaged in what the speakers are talking about. Come with a question to a meeting. Dont just come to enjoy the ride and get comfortable. There is never a boring meeting and you can always get something out of speaker. Agents have a purpose, they have a question and participate in the meeting. By doing so, we are authorizing the spirit to act on us"

The next time you think you are sitting in a "boring" meeting, just know that you are 100% wrong. You need to change. Have a question and participate so the spirit can act on you.

I would like to bear my testimony that there is no other true church on the Earth. That as we turn our thoughts to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we will feel the love they have for us. That warm in your chest will grow and consume you and the influences of satan will slowly leave and he will be harmless. I love this gospel, I love being a missionary and I love each and everyone of you. Being a missionary has changed my life and I'm Forever grateful for making the decision to serve a mission.

Keep a prayer in your heart,
Elder Kleinkopf


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