April 3, 2017


Crows Landing, California


Elder Groll

Week one in the great city of Crows Landing!!

haha So this week was a crazy one, so Im in the crows landing branch, but im actually living in a city called Patterson, its pretty nice, we live right across the street from the high school so thats fun i guess haha Umm we do service every wednesday and friday at the catholic church and we make lunches for the "Homeless" people, even tho most of them just come for free food! and then lets see There is a sweet chinease knock off brand discount store, with EVERYTHING you could ever dream of!! Its way sick!! hahah umm then lets see I met with my branch president, who sorta speaks spanish hahah so that was interesting, and then we also met with one of the funiest cute little family, their names are Fidel and Jessica and they have 3 little kids! This family is the only baptism in 2 years in the area so they are super cool, they are pretty much less active now, but still super cool!!! hahah and their littlest kid Inked he is like 4 or 3ish, me and him are homies, lol so first time i meet him, he comes out of his room with nothing on. HE HATES CLOTHES!!! Whenever his parents take him anywhere he will literally start stripping down at every single chance he gets, hes hilarious, but him and I have fun playing around, he likes it when i lift him up as high as he can go and shake him around, and he is super ticklish so whenever he comes and tries to tackle me I end up tickling him and he runs away laughing, he is a super crazy kid!! He also hates their cat, and the cat hates him too, the cat will sneak up behind him and claw his naked back, or bite him, and he will grab a knife and chase the cat for hours!! Its pretty dang funny!!! hahah ooh yeah also this week we had a zone training thingy on the new easter video, its pretty sweet, its called the prince of peace. Pretty good video, if you havent seen it yet you should go check it out!! Elder Groll and I are doing awesome out here, ooh one thing about this place is that everyones houses here are infested with cockroaches, I was at a members house and i got up to get a drink of water, and literally when i opened the cabnet about 100 cockroaches went everywhere, i almost threw up, at its like that at everyones houses!!! Its pretty gross!!! General Conference was way cool, hahah funny story, so I was supposed to watch it in spanish, but the only language that would work was tongan, so the saturday session was all in tongan, so that was interesting, kept things interesting for me! haha I really enjoyed conference tho!!! It was awesome!!! Well family love you all!!! Hope your week was awesome!!! Bless up!! Love Elder Little


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