March 20, 2017


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Ice Cream at Pink Turtle

Great news fam!  We are going to Mars!!!  Jkjk lol, we ran into Ehsan again.  We have talked to him a few times, and he is very weird!!! hahah he is very muslim and very very strange lol  He likes to talk to missionaries because we will listen to him because we got nothing better to do!!  We sent him as a referral to the english Elders a while ago, but apparently we are the only ones who he talks to.  He saw us walking around, and pulled over and talked to us for about 20 minutes about how after we die, we go to Mars...  That was interesting, Plus he told us the british are being stingy with the bible and they got the big one!!!  So that's cool.   After that Elder Orgill and I went and got some awesome ice cream sundaes from Pink Turtle, and they were bomb. Shout out to Elder Orgills parents for ordering the ice cream for us!!! YOO After that we went on a hunt for some former investigators in the area.  One of them moved, but we found her down the road.  Her name is Berta, and she said that she loved having the missionaries over to teach her, and said we could come back this week to teach her more. How dope is that!! Okay so the story I wanna tell really quick is about Dr. Minus, hahah who remembers this guy, okay long story short, Elder Orgill and I sent him out as a referal, and then he was progressing, so he had a baptismal date, and then everything was going good, hes like the funniest guy ive ever met!! haha anyways so he was going to illinois for a family activity, and in the great city of Salt Lake City he got pulled over and thrown in Jail for possession of Marijuana..... hahahha so sad, so now he is chilling in Salt Lake for having Marijuana!! So Sad, if any of you see a guy in a black van with crazy rocker hair driving around salt lake, thats my man!! hahah so yeah I dont think he will be baptized this week because he is in jail, but miracles can happen!! ;);) love you all!!!!
It is getting hot here fast lol the drought is back!! haha bless up fam, I wish you all the best.
Love Elder Little


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