March 13, 2017


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Most Successful Week so far

This week was pretty much the best so far, at least the most successful so far!! So first off on monday to tuesday I went on exchanges with my district leader elder Anderson, and that was pretty cool, we pretty much tried about a million people and nobody let us in, ya know the usual!! haha But I got to play basketball with a 12 year old and i beat him like 50 to 0 it wasn't even close, he thought he was so good, he was trash! haha So that was fun!! um then also on tuesday I went and did service at interfaith, which is pretty much DI except everything is free and for the homeless, so that was pretty cool, and the homeless are getting some pretty sweet clothes, not gunna lie, I was pretty tempted to take some for myself but its all pretty gross so i didnt!! Umm we also had zone training, which was good, we talked a lot about parables which was sweet!!! umm So the good news, this week we really focused our efforts on finding new people, and we got 12 new investigators, thats unheard of!!! it was awesome!! we found a really nice family, the De Onda's they are super nice, and have about a million little kids, it was awesome!! It was so awesome to see how the Lord placed people in our path that we could talk to. We are really excited for this next week, and the opportunity we will have to talk with them some more, and to hopefully find more people. I think that the great things about goal setting that I have learned on my mission is that goals give us a way to see the daily blessings from the Lord. As we set meaningful goals that make us stretch beyond our capabilities, we will be able to recognize the hand of the Lord as He helps us accomplish our goals, and become better. Through goal setting we help the Lord bless us in specific ways. It was just really awesome to see how the Lord blessed us so specifically this week according to our goals. well fam thats all she wrote this week!! Except quick Shout out to Elder Orgills mom, for the sweet hookup, pretty much the best!! Its so sick!! Ill send a pic!! Love you all, bless up!!! Love you!!!


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