January 16, 2017


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Exchanges and fire part 2

Hey so this week was a pretty good one, I had exchanges with my District leader and we taught a new record 2 lessons in one day!!! The exchanges were good, we walked a really really really long time, all up and down tracy, but nobody let us in!! And we almost had a 3rd lesson but the dude bounced!! So this week we taught 2 lessons to Jesus Chavez, and we also taught 1 lesson to Jorge and Yuniva, they both went pretty good we also had a meeting with president about the area this week, that was pretty scary but it was all good!!! So fire part 2 is this, so Elder Orgill and I were cooking a pizza in our oven, and something burned in the bottom of it, so it smelled a little bit like burnt stuff, then this fire alarm starts going off and its yelling "Fire, Fire, Fire" at us for a long time, it was pretty dang annoying!! lol it was pretty funny tho, fire and us dont get along too well!!! umm so yeah this week we tried a lot of less actives, and the majority of them moved back to mexico.... classic!!! umm thats really about it for this week, ill explain the pictures a little bit 
1. Elder Orgill ft. the new filter i found on my camera
2. Elder Baker doing something
3. Mi Esperanza, the bomb taco shop!!! 
4. Some wall in down town
5. The lone palm tree in the middle of downtown Tracy!!!

Thanks family Love you all and if you have any questions just ask me!! Love you all!!!
Love Elder Little!!


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