December 26, 2016


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This week was the best, it was super fun, and we finally got some serious stuff done!!! So as i hope all of you remember, yesterday was Christmas, i hope everyone had a merry Christmas, I got to Skype home, which was awesome, it was great to see everyone and be able to actually talk to my family, love you guys!! But here is what made this week the best, Elder Orgill and i finally got to teach a lesson to our new investigators family and him, and it was the best lesson ever, we taught the plan of salvation, and they said it made sense, and the kids were involved, and the spirit was there, and it was just the best, I loved it!!!! This family is going through a really tough time rn, and they have 3 kids they brought to America, and they were homeless for a little bit, and this Christmas they only got 2 presents in total for the 3 kids, so that was kind of sad, but just seeing how much the kids appreciated us coming over and how much they loved us, made my whole week!!! I love them, they are super prepared for the gospel and i know it will bless their lives!!! teaching that lesson was awesome!! Umm that was the big news for this week, Elder Baker bought a 250 dollar drone, today and it is seriously like the coolest thing i think i have ever seen!!!! Elder Orgill and i have been finding people and setting up appointments, ya know the usual stuff, Elder Orgills b day is on tuesday, so that is exciting!! pretty much it was a bomb week!!! Funny story, i will include pics, so Elder baker wanted to wax his back one night, and we thought it was a good idea to melt a crayon in the microwave, and put it on his back, well it doesnt work that way..... not even close, the wax literally burned his back so bad, it was hilarious, but at the same time kinda sad bc it burned him so bad!!!! and the worst part was, it didnt pull out one single hair!!! hahaahh it was so funny tho!!!!!! Love you all!!!!!! Bless up, Love Elder Little!!!!


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