December 5, 2016


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

My Week in Tracy California

This week in tracy was pretty much same old same old, It is the first of the month, so i got more money for the month, which was much needed, hahah ive been balling on a budget this last couple of weeks!!!! This week we have really been trying to pass out lots and lots of pass along cards The church has a new Light the world Initiative, and its sweet, you should all watch it if you can, so we have been handing out tons of those pass along cards!!! umm this week also i went on exchanges with Elder Lee, he is an English missionary, he is companions with our district leader, so we are supposed to go on transfers with the district leader at least 1 time a mission. Elder Lee is the funniest guy ever, we get along great, it was a fun day, I love him, he is so so so funny!!!! hahahah we are buddies for life i think!!! I also found a sweet massive pocket knife this week, so that was pretty dang exciting!!! umm also the other spanish missionaries were walking home to our apartments, and they got a gun pulled on them, so that was exciting!!! This week we found a couple possible investigators, but nobody that is too interested.... the tracy usual!! I also this week had zone training, which was pretty good, we talked a lot about how we can find more people because we haven't had any new investigators as a zone in a while, so yeah its pretty slow all around the area!!!  umm This week i had dinner 2 times with the Amezquita family so that was pretty sweet, they are probably my favorite family in the ward, they are the best!!! I love them, ooh and today i found this little taco shop, it is literally the!!!! its like a half taco shop half meat shop, so they have like meat hanging up everywhere, and also ive been talking more to this guy, he stands out on the corner right by my apartment, and he holds up a "420 Physicians" sign all day everyday, and he sees us everyday and always like smiles and waves, he is the best, so the other day i went up and we talked to him and he was super high, just like every day, but he is super funny and kept saying "Smoke Weed Everyday" hahah hes pretty much the coolest guy in tracy, ooh and the other day I had about a 50 minute talk with a muslim man who was telling me that if i cut down a tree for Christmas, im killing, and ill be put in a 3000 meter hole  and have to wait a couple years in the hole after i die!!! he was super cool tho he was also telling us that our eyes record everything we see and after we die god looks into our eyes and watches our movie, it was pretty cool talking to him. Thats pretty much my week!! I love you all and hope you all have an awesome week!!! LOVE YOU
Love Elder Little


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