November 14, 2016


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

King Trump!!!

Whats up!!!! So this week was the usual here ahha nothing new happened!!!! Elder Orgill and I added a new investigator Jesus Chavez, but he has been an investigator forever!!!!! He doesnt want to change his sinful ways so who knows how this will go, but he loves talking to the missionaries!!! so thats awesome!!! umm also this week our ward had the primary program  so we have 15 primary kids age, only 6 are active, but for the primary program 10 kids showed up, and they had no idea their parts..... they dont know any songs they dont know anything, and they get up to the stand and just say whatever comes to their mind... kids are crying everywhere, clothes are coming off, every kids ties are tied around their heads, and the poor primary president ( who btw her kids make up 4 of the 6 active kids) and she had to find some way to fill up the whole hour with kids who know absolutely nothing!! it was literally the best sunday of all!! I think the primary president was really upset at how.... not to plan.... it went!!!! hahah but it was the best!! I loved it!!! umm also we had 2 lessons planned but as usual, they werent home, that is like one of the biggest problems we have, is people blowing off our appointments with them..... But oh well.... hahah its kinda anoying!! TRUMP!!! hahaha that was like the funniest news of this week!!! hahah I loved it, other news about this week, so the hermanas in our ward have a baptism this week so thats awesome, it will be the first one in this whole stake in over a year, hes a 12 year old boy, hes super awesome, his mom is a less active and his dad is not active at all, so we are super excited for that, but if you think about it, this place is really slow, bc thats 6 missionaries in one ward with only 1 baptism a year.... plus like 8 more missionaries in the stake with 0 in a whole year!!! hahah yeah thats Tracy, CA for ya !!!!! So thats about it for this week!! Ooh and i cant remeber if i already said it but if you want to send packages or letters to me my adress is:

4300 Dale Rd. 
Modesto, CA

I love you all and miss you all!!! Much love!!! 
Love Elder Little


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