October 31, 2016


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

Happy Halloween!!!!! and 2 month mark on the mission

Happy Halloween!!! First real holiday on the mission, and its kinda sad i cant go trick or treating!!!! hahah oh well tho!! so this week there was more of the usual contacting and such, and still not much success, but we did find one family this week, we found one house this week who let us get a return appointment today, and its way cool story bc we were knocking doors, and it was the last door in this neighboorhood, and i prayed and i said no matter what these people are the ones we need to talk to, and so we knocked, and no answer, then we knocked the second time and a man opened the door and said he didnt speak very good english!!! Jackpot!!! So we said "perfecto Hablamos espanol" and so he was surprised, and he said we can comeback on Monday and talk with him and his family, and so I really hope this works out, he seems like a really cool humble nice guy, and its really rare here to find somebody knocking doors, so that would be super awesome, so halloween we arent supposed to go outside, but since we have an appointment with that family, we can go to that, so that will be very interesting, im excited, i hope that everything works out with him, we also have an appointment with a referral we havent met yet tomorrow, so that will be cool as well!! Umm so this week was pretty boring other than that nothing to crazy, except yesturday Elder Gifford and i found some matching ugly flower paintings, and we are going to hang them up, im pretty excited for that!!! umm well one thing i took for granted back at home is how nice everyone in utah is, literally everyone back at home is so nice, here in tracy, and i dont know if its like this everywhere else, but the teenagers here like yelling satanic things at us, idk they think its hillarious, so we get that about 3-4 a day, and then we get a couple f words and stuff everyday, haha it gets annoying but oh well..... people in Utah are the best, ooh and also this week i popped my back bike tire, we were riding our bikes, and a new church rule is that you cant ride your bikes on the sidewalks, so we have to ride literally right by the cars, and some cars think its funny to get so dang close to you to scare you, and a couple missionaries have gotten hit, its pretty funny, but one guy comes and literally was like inches from us, and so we had to swerve so we dont get hit, well right next to us was a train track, and so we swerve into this train track, and then my tire popped, so now i gotta get a new tube, so yeah that was not good, so weve been walking like 12 miles everyday for these last couple days, and its pretty rough!!! Umm and also this sunday i gave my testimony in spanish, which was pretty scary but not to bad bc i mean there are only like 40 people in the ward, and so it wasnt too bad!!! haha i think it went pretty well, umm yep i think that was about the extent of this week for me!!! I miss all of you and love all of you!!!! Have a fun Halloween!!! Love you, Elder Dylan Little


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