October 17, 2016


Tracy, California


Elder Jacob Orgill

First Week In The Field!!!

So wow what a week! So first off I am in Tracy, and my trainer is Elder Orgill, and he has only been out on his mission for 7 weeks.... so he is super new, he hasnt even finished training himself.... it was crazy, and it has some tough parts to it but its good!!! ..... so when i first got into the field i was a ton overwhelmed and i was really scared and sad and just wanted to go home!!! lol but im better now, i just had to realize that this is where i am supposed to be and i will be blessed for being out here!!! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, and I feel them in my life!!!! So this week was an extremely tough week, we literally contacted and knocked doors all day every day, and we only got into one guys house, I'll tell you about him later!!! So our end numbers were all 0's.... so yeah it was a very, very unsuccessful week..... oh well.... so anyways the one guy whose house we got into was this guy from Afghanistan, and he pretty much wanted to talk to us, so we started giving the restoration lesson, then he started telling us how amazing the Koran is, and so yeah it was kinda weird and he is a little coocoo, so he starts telling us about how if the world floods the Koran will survive, so he was crazy then get this, he tells us how he loves to serve and how he found a black homeless lady one day, and he told her, in order to do service for her, he will divorce his wife, and he has been married for 22 years, marry her, buy her a phone, and get her kids back, so he divorced his wife, and this was like a few days before we met him, and so yeah he is a little crazy!!! it was dang funny tho!! So yeah that was interesting, and the also this week we have knocked a million doors and contacted for a million hours, but it was extremely unsuccessful, the crazy muslim was the only house we got into this whole week!!! Hopefully next week will be better and more successfull, thanks for all your love and everything!!! I love each and every single one of you!!!! I love you and miss you and thanks for everything!!! Love you all
Elder Dylan Little


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