October 6, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Lucas Gifford

Last P-Day in the CCM

Hallelujah!! last p day here, and i am so ready to get outta here, ;) im just looking forward to the mission field!! yeah so thats exciting, so i got called to be a travel leader. so thats shnazy, i litterally do nothing tho except i have to be at reception at 1:30 am in stead of 2:30 am! So thats pretty cool, oh and also this weekend my buddy Elder Jones aka Chango got his apendix taken out in a mexican hospital, it was crazy bc all of us were throwing up blood and he was too, but he was in so much pain so he went and they decided he needed to go to a hospital, so he went and got surgury and now he is still in a ton of pain!! Its pretty crazy!!! so yeah that was probably the craziest thing that happened this week, We finished learning the necessary language for the ccm, but we all dont really understand it yet, Learning spanish is crazy, its crazy how much I have learned in only 6 weeks, but at the same time i feel like i know absolutely nothing, Okay so funny story of the week so Chango came back from the hospital it hurt him to laugh, and so naturally we were all trying to make him laugh at dinner, and he was not laughing, so Elder Gifford gets ontop of his chair and starts doing this weird like monkey dance and making these monkey noises, and my whole district is on their 6th week, then some 3rd day newby comes up and says this being totally serious... Hey im sorry to have to do this because im not in your district but at the CCM we need to act dignified.... and then walks away!!! SO we were laughing bc the zone leader and the district leader are both in my district and they were doing it to, so yeah it was just funny, we laughed for a long time after that!! Umm ooh yeah i also fixed my camera this week, i just manually pull out the lens and it started to work again, so that was weird but cool!!! We threw a bachelor party for my teacher, bc he is getting married in a couple of weeks, we stole some decorations from mexican independence day and we all bought a ton of stuff from the tienda and yeah it was fun!!! There is a latino in our casa and his name is Elder Bautista and we are way close, its hard to understand him but he has the best english out of any of them, and also a way good friend of mine is Elder Ruis, he is from Colombia, and this morning he got some bad news, Presidente Call came into our casa this morning at 6 am and was talking to him and told him that his mom was really sick and not doing good, that she is in the hospital and its not looking good, so he was crying but he asked for a blessing from his latino district and after his blessing he was just teary eyed but when he hugged Elder mamani who gave him his blessing he just broke down and was sobbing so i talked with him, after, and he is doing better, but in that blessing i felt the spirit probably the most in my whole entire life.... It was crazy, i started to cry a little bit, i cant even imagine what he must be feeling.... It was a crazy morning this morning!! But yeah i love him, he smiles everywhere he goes!!!! So thats a summary of my last week in the ccm, i cant wait to get in the field and start doing the lords work!! I love you all!!!
Le Amo
Elder Little


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