September 22, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Lucas Gifford

Three down (weeks and people)

3rd week here, and im honestly ready to get out into the field, its cool and everything here, but its getting really repetative, so sad news, like the first week or second, hermana astle went to the provo mtc, and hermana jacobson left for a different district, then this week one of my best buddies Elder Robinson went home, and i knew for i while that he was trying to leave, and then this tuesday he flew out of here, its tough because his family is really not accepting him to well, so he doesnt really have a place to go, so i think he is staying with his brother, we would go ontop of the roof of our casa every night and have like 2-3 hour convos and just talk about everything, and he is going home for the right reasons, and i think its really mature of him to go. but yeah so our district is down from 12 to 9...... so thats sad, ooh and our amigos the latinos left this week, they were on the 3 week program and we got really close to them, they were cool, my favorite was Elder Herrera, he was this little guatamalan kid, and he looks like he could have 3 kids, he honestly looks like 35..... so he woke me up at 2 am on monday morning to say "I love you elder" it was so so cute, i wish i could take him home..... hahah so that was sad, and also he was crying the night before he left because he was gunna miss the crazy gringos. Anyways speaking of crazy, there is a guy in our casa named Elder Baltich, the weirdest dude i have ever met in my life, he has these little tools for literally like everything, its so weird, and he loves being the center of attention, so he will like just do really really weird things its hard to explain but he is a weirdo..... lol he always trys to scare the lations because they are really easily scared by gringos for some reason.... its funny tho.... and also Elder Baltich likes to think he is always right, he was arguing that when you sleep in socks your body actually cools down, becuase it increases circulation in your feet, which takes away heat from your chest, thus making you cooler..... it was the dumbest thing i have ever heard..... hes a crazy guy, like easily the weirdest loudest guy ive ever met..... anyways yeah thats about it, if you have any questions or wanna talk just send me an email! I love you all so much
Love Elder Little


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