September 15, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Lucas Gifford

Semana 2

Hola, its finally p day, and also its Mexican Independence day today, so all this week there have been like a million firecrackers and gunshots and rallies going on all around the ccm, and i wish i could go out and be in the city, but its lit, we have seen a few big fireworks but our teacher said they usually save the really big ones for tonight, so im excited for that, so the boredom here is real..... most the things we do here we think are so funny and fun, but back home you guys would think its the weirdest, strangest, not fun thing ever, for example, on sunday me, elder gifford, chango, and elder olson were taking a walk in between devotionals and we saw a big flock of birds so we of course ran towards them to scare them, and one of the birds got scared, flew away, NAILED a goal post..... boom dead........ lolololol we thought it was the funniest thing we have ever seen in our lives, we laughed for probably a couple hours straight.... hahaha on a sad note tho, Hermana Astle was to stressed out here so she switched to the Provo MTC to speak english and so now we have no more Hermanas. :( So also this week we got new teachers Hermano Saucedo y hermano Rincon, and hermano Rincons story is way cool, his story is why im out here on a mission. So he is 22 rn and he is married, but when he was 6 his dad died, idk how but yeah and that was super sad for him, and his mom didnt have a job so from the time he was 6 till he was 10 him and his 4 brothers were homeless, until his mom found a place literally the most ghetto house ive ever seen, his door was just a table turned on its side, and his roof was made out of scrap peices of wood, it was way sad, until when he was 14 the missionaries knocked on his door and converted his whole family, and now he lives in a pretty nice house with his wife, he served a mission, and his life he says is great bc of the gospel, so that kinda reassured me why im out here in the first place and it was really inspirational..... Today we got to go to the Mexico city temple and it was pretty cool, it was all in spanish so i didnt understand it, but it was awesome... its a really pretty temple. The traffic here is crazy, literally people do not follow any rules, red lights dont even mean stop here, people were driving on the sidewalks and getting out of their cars in the middle of an intersecion...... its a mad house here. I also was one of the 3 unlucky missionaries in our whole zone of like 45 missionaries who had to give a talk in sacrament meeting in all spanish..... it was no bueno... ahah i have a lot of stuff i need to work on but yeah that was my week.... Love you all so much,
Love Elder Little


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