September 8, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Lucas Gifford

Semana Uno

Hola familia so wow it feels like i have been gone like 2.5 years..... hahah so yeah this week has been crazy, I was worried before I left I would get a weird companion, and I got the best one, me and him clicked like instantly, and we have the same exact personality and its kinda weird how similar we are but its way sweet, we are late alot but its okay because we are just trying our best, Elder Gifford and I are like way tight now and we play games and stuff all the time, and whoever told me to bring a ball was a life saver, literally its the only thing keeping me sane rn.... hahaha ill tell a story about that later on, so yeah spanish is crazy hard, and the teachers all only speak spanish or broken english so that is tough..... but whats sweet is each district gets its own house, so we are in house 40 and its a party house hahahah but man the days feel like months and the weeks feel like years, my district is way sweet tho, so its me, Elder Gifford, Elder Robinson- 6´6 basketball player who is probably the coolest most laid back guy ever..... we get along great, Elder Sudweeks- the 5´6 wrestler ginger who likes to be on time to anything, and that is who is in my room, then next door we have, Elder Olson- the rebel baseball player in HS who is soooo funny and chill and one of the coolest guys ever, and his comp Elder Jones (Chango) he laughs like a monkey and so we call him Chango, he is way funny too, Then across the hallway we got DL Elder Clavin- we are way alike except he is all skin and bones.... hahah and his comp Elder Black- easily the most spiritual and serious in the group. Then in there room is Elder Shultz- The nicest coolest dude ever, he is way cool and super nice, and his Companion Elder Anglin- who is not my favorite dude in the world...... haha then there is the Hermanas, Hermana Jacobson- she has broncitis which sucks, bc she is super chill and from Springville and she knows the Nelsons, my mission prep teachers, then also Hermana Astle-she is unreal at singing and she is like 22 or something so she is like the mom of the group but she thinks we are funny so she lets a lot of stuff slide, its sweet. So thats district 6d.... its sweet. SO anyways the story about the ball, so literally everyone in the ccm knows us bc they are jealous of our ball and they wish they brought one, literally everysingle day people come up to us and offer like tons of pesos for it, but its not for sale, then one day before lunch Elder Gifford throws it and it bounces off a light post onto a roof, so we are like so so depressed but Elder Gifford and I run to the back of the comador, and find a ladder, Elder Gifford climbs up the ladder, sprints easily 100 yards on top of the roof in mid day, grabs the ball, runs back and jumps onto the ladder and climbs down, it was the funniest thing i have ever seen..... i was dying but we all we so so happy we got our ball back, we couldnt have made it here without then also later that night everyone wanted to go home and was like crying and suffering and missing home and so we decided to give blessings, and I gave one to Elder Clavin and Elder Olson, and it was the coolest thing ever, even our teacher wanted one so we gave one to him.... it was way way amazing, and i felt the spirit so strong, everyone was blessed for some crazy things nobody even knew they were struggling with...... it was so cool..... that was the coolest thing that has happened so far in the ccm, so yeah I feel like me and Elder Gifford have a good balance between having fun and spiritual moments..... so that is what my first week was like I am glad its over but we did have some fun times... it was the hardest week of my life...... oh and btw idk how to send pics rn, but ill find out and send some later tonight maybe, love you all and dont you guys dare forget about me ;) Love you, Elder Little


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