March 23, 2020


New Martinsville, West Virginia


Elder Childers

New Marty!

Hey friends!
I got transferred to New Martinsville, West Virginia last week! It has been a blast so far with my new comp. Elder Childers! We both came out of the MTC together! We are each other's greenie breakers. He is from Washington state and is a Visa waiter. He should be going to Brazil in the next couple months if all the sickness clears up! 
Elder Moore hit 21 months and got sent home on Saturday! They are sending a ton of missionaries home. As for now I'm staying, but my comp is sick right now, so they might send us both home because we are more "at risk" even though we are isolated for 2 weeks. We will find out more info this week!
I am the New Martinsville District Leader! It's been fun talking to all the other missionaries so far! I am excited for this new assignment!
7 areas closed down this transfer because so many people went home! Welch was included! It was sad to say goodbye to all the people! I had so much fun there!
Since we are in isolation, we haven't really gotten out to explore yet, so I still dont know any members or  what it looks like here haha! Our apartment is pretty big! We can see the Ohio River from it. It's just down the street! Also, this place is haunted...Like cupboards and doors will open and slam at random times. Last night we went to bed with the room door closed and locked. When we woke up the door was completely off the hinges! I don't think Elder Childers would go to that extent to try to scare me haha!
Since we have been inside, I haven't had the chance to take pics yet! Hopefully next week I'll have some! But that's all for this week.
 Thanks to everyone that emails me, it makes my weeks 100x better!
Love y'all!
Wash yo hands!
<3 Elder Boyer


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