February 10, 2020


Welch, West Virginia


Elder Moore

The rain came down, and the floods came up!!

This week nothing too exciting has happened. In Welch, it has been super rainy! There has been floods on Wednesday and Thursday! Look at the picture below! Those days were really slow and it's hard to get work done when you can’t drive on the roads haha. 
Sometimes it's slow and hard, but I love this opportunity to learn and grow! I love not having to focus on myself but on others. Going out and finding people who could use more joy in their lives, and then teaching them to have a more personal and meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father, in hopes that they too could feel the Holy Spirit, and see with their own eyes their potential! And also experience lasting happiness!
I like this quote,  "We can fully trust in a loving Heavenly Father who is constantly trying to help us become the person He knows we can become" 
Miranda's fiance came to church and it was the first time I met him! He is super cool! They can’t wait to be married in April! He wants to start coming to our lessons with Miranda. Miranda and I have been teaching Elder Moore the lessons! So she wants me and her to teach her fiancé, which will be really cool!
That's all for this week!
Thanks for the love and support!
Keep pushing forward!
Love ya!
Email me haha
Peace outty -Elder Boyer 


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