May 13, 2019


Bermejo Argentina


Elder Martinez

Poco a Poca

First week down as trainer(father) was a success!
My new comp is Elder Martìnez from Peru! He is a stud because he already knows a ton about the scriptures, knows how to teach like a pro missionary, and knows how to make some pretty good food! (I will be cooking some food from Peru during this transfer so I will let you guys know how that turns out haha).

First week of the transfer and I am already learning a ton of new things from my comp. It amazes me how the Lord puts certain people in our lives to help us because I think I will be learning more from him during our time together then he will from me! Its been a real cool experience for me to be able to see how God works in our lives, sometimes when we aren't even expecting it!

I have found out there are many things that come with being a trainer. For example, I get a kick out of my comp when we are talking to people in the street and he looks a little lost in the conversation. That is when I just smile a little and help him finish the contact with the person. There is lots of joy that comes with this. But there is also lots of stress that comes with the responsibility of having to teach someone new things! I've for sure had a lot of that this week as we knocked lots of doors. Bermejo is a great area, but its kind of slow right now with our investigators; mostly because we don't have to many haha. So these past couple days we have been talking with everyone and knocking doors. My comp is a stud because never once has he complained to me about doing it, even though he sometimes has that face that says otherwise. But, there is a phrase that I love that is poco a poco or little by little. This phrase describes perfectly how God helps us. As we show our faith and willingness to keep going on, or knocking that last door, he will reward us for our efforts and help us out. Which is what finally came to pass after two days of just talking to people and having doors shut in our faces.... Someone finally let us in to teach!! And it was an awesome lesson! Just remember to not get discouraged when working towards something amazing and you don't see the fruits right away. They are there, just might require a little bit of time before we can enjoy the reward!
I love you guys and hope you have a good week!
BTW, Happy mothers day (yesterday) to all the awesome mothers out there!
Elder Bingham


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