April 29, 2019


Bermejo Argentina


Elder Blas

Week 5 in Bermejo

Hey guys!
Haha, first off, I don't know whats happened to the dogs close to our apartment but they must think we are strangers because I had two dogs bite at me walking back from church! But it puts a little excitement in the walk to church haha

This week was a lot colder then normal, we started using sweaters all the time! Its nice to have it a little colder now because the heat gets kind of old very fast... So we've been grateful for the cooler temperatures.

This week we found one new investigator! His name is Perdo and he is very accepting to hear our messages! Its awesome! We taught him the first time on Friday and he listened very well to us and we thought that he was going to come to church yesterday.... sadly he didn't. But we will meet with him again this week!
As I was thinking about how we found him, I realized that sometimes our efforts aren't realized for a long time. This Transfer has had its ups as well as the downs... Sadly we haven't been able to find too many new people to teach until this last week, and to be honest its been hard when not many people want to listen to us and we can't complete the goals that we set for our transfer. Sometimes, we do lots of things to achieve a goal we have, expecting for the results to happen instantly! That would be awesome if it worked like that every time, but its not like that always. Other times, it takes a little bit more time to see the fruits of our labors. So I would like to invite you guys to keep pressing on with your goals! Don't get discouraged if things aren't perfect right now! Like the saying goes " when the going gets tough, the tough get going". Keep going with the things you want to achieve and you will get results!
Hope you guys are doing good!
Thanks for all your support and love!
Elder Bingham

1. On our way to a lesson
2. 20 pesos - that almost is 200 haha


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