April 22, 2019




Elder Blas

Easter Weekend

Well, this week was kind of slow if I am being honest. This last week was Semana Santa, so not to many people were out and about to listen to us.

But Saturday was a good day because Mara got baptized! Shes a lady that my comp and I started teaching way back in December when I was in Dorrego. Well, this last Saturday she got baptized and she asked me to baptize her! It was a happy day and we were all excited that the day had finally arrived for her!

Sunday was good too because everything they talked about was about the atonement. This is honestly one of the greatest gifts we have in our lives! My favorite scripture that talks about the atonement is in Alma 7:11-12. I love this scripture because it says he suffered all kinds of temptations, pains, afflictions, and everything that we could ever have during this life! And with the burden that he endured, he understands every situation we have perfectly! Nothing is excluded, big or small. If you're having a rough day because life is just getting you down, he has felt that and knows how to help you. Or if the weight of life is just getting to heavy for you to bear, he is there to lift that off of you. The coolest part is that its free! All we have to do is go to him in our time of need, and trust that he will help you for the atonement to work in your life! As well as living with his standards that he has given us, we always have that hand ready to lift us up after we have fallen!
Hope you guys had a good Easter! Sure was different here in Argentina because there weren't any chocolate bunnies or lots of candy, but the Love of our Savior is still the same wherever we are and that is what is important!
Hope this week is good!
Elder Bingham

1.Comp and I looking like studs
2. Baptism of Mara


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