April 15, 2019


Bermejo Argentina


Elder Blas

End of week 3

Completed 6 moths this last week! Man how fast the time is in the mission... Me and my comp cant believe how fast this transfer is going. We have already started week 4 here in Bermejo and sometimes were just as lost as the first days when we arrived here haha. But luckily were getting an idea of this place!

This last Saturday was the baptism of Celeste and Morena. First time in the mission that I was able to baptize and it was such a cool experience! Made me think a lot of when I baptized my younger sister Sadie. The mother of these girls just barely got baptized our first week here so they were all very happy and excited to share this moment with each other! It was good to see this awesome family starting on the path of Jesus Christ and following his examples.

The cookies and food were pretty good at the end too haha.

Sunday was a good day. In our Sunday school class they asked us a question that has been in my mind quiet a bit. "If you were told yo had 15 minutes to live, what would you do? What would you be thinking?" That question kind of struck me by surprise, but the first thing that came to my mind was my family. How blessed I have been to have an awesome family here on the earth. It makes so much more sense to me why the family is such a main part in the plan of God. The next thing they talked about was being in the same place physically as well as mentally. They used the example of the mission like "we can be here serving, but our minds are in a different place. Thinking about things we'd rather be doing." So they challenged us to be in the same place physically and mentally. I want to challenge you guys to do that as well! in whatever you are doing, give it your all! Focus everything you have in the task that is at hand and you will enjoy it more, and get more out of it as well!

Love you guys, Everything is going well here and i'm so grateful for the letters and emails I get from ya`ll.
p.s. I just barely got all the valentines cards haha. thank you so much!
Love Elder Bingham

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