April 1, 2019




Elder Blas

First week in Bermejo

Wow has this week been a crazy week!
My new companion is Elder Blas! Hes from Guatemala and is a good friend of mine now haha and I think i'm starting to have a pattern of comps form Guatemala because he is number 2 now. He has been teaching me lots things about Guatemala that are pretty cool.

Hardest part about this area is that we are washing it! That just means that they took the other elders out and me and my comp are brand new... Lets just say we have been lost a few times already and now we know the parts of Bermejo that I think not even the people that live there know about!
Its been pretty fun though and the members have helped us out a ton already!

Plus we already had a baptism! This last Saturday we baptized a lady that the other missionaries were working with. It was a really good service and the spirit was so strong as well! And i would send pictures of it, but sadly I lost my memory card to my camera.... and I didn't have the most recent pictures saved to google. So i'm sorry I wont be putting pictures on this week.

This area is also pretty awesome for me because my cousin served in this area a few years back! So in a way I have felt like I have walked the same streets he had walked and getting to know the people that he knew as well.

Hope you guys are all doing well and that this week will be a week full of great accomplishments!
Thank you so much for your support
Elder Bingham


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