March 25, 2019


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Larsen

Last Week in Dorrego

Well the time has come to leave Dorrego.... Its going to be hard because this place is like my home. Its where I started the mission and hopefully, if i have luck, ill be able to come back at the end to visit the people. I'm going to miss my little home of Dorrego, but i'm gonna go take care of things with the neighbors haha. I'm going to an area called Bermejo! Its a little past Dorrego but ill still be in the same zone with my comp Elder Larsen and Elder Perez haha. So well still see each other on P-days so that is pretty cool.

Last week was pretty hard week. We weren't able to contact very many of our investigators because they kept canceling our appointments which was sad. So we ended up talking to lots of people in the streets! Which is actually pretty fun to do. Just go up to someone and start talking with them about the gospel at first is a little strange. But after a while its fun and very uplifting. There is always a joy after we get done talking to someone, even if they tell us they done want anything haha. But they joy and love from our Savior is always there and its such an awesome thing to have!
So id like to invite you guys to remember that if you're having a hard time during the week, or passing through hard times, the best thing that you can do is share the gospel! Just talk with anyone that you do or do not know! If you have a feeling to talk to someone while waiting in line at Walmart (because we all know there are only ever 2 out of 20 registers open at Walmart and for that is the line haha) just talk to them! Doesn't have to be a well prepared speech or something huge, just as long as you can share something so they feel the spirit, and the love of Christ in their lives is all it takes. And in return, you will feel that same joy and blessing from helping someone have a little more light of Christ in their life!
Love you guys and have an awesome week!

1. Asado we had
2. Familia Rivas (mom and dad of Dorrego)
3. Familia Nuñes
4. The final dinner


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