February 19, 2019


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Larsen


Hola amigos!
This week was the first week of our new transfers with the new comp. So far everything's pretty good in our area of Dorrego! My comp is elder Larsen and is from Riverton Utah. This last week we were able to teach some new people and help some others with the goal of being baptized! Its been way fun so far and I am excited for this transfer. We have lots of hope for the people we are teaching and hope everything goes well!

Yesterday we had elder Renlund come to our mission to speak! Haha he doesn't speak very much spanish but he tried and it was awesome. He told us lots of things that our mission depends on the choices that we make. So if we want a good mission with lots of work, we have to make it that way and work hard! It was very good and sure was inspired with what he told us. Plus he also told us something that i really liked alot, which is that our attitud makes the situation good or bad. A lot of times in the mission we get rejected.... alot haha. And its in the hot sun a lot of the day. So something we have a bad attitud about why we are doing these things. But he told us that if we think about the situation badly, it will be bad. Or we can make the best of it and still enjoy it!

So i invite you guys to make the best of every situation! Wether its good or bad, always try to find the good part and be able to take something away from it to learn. Always we can change our own situations just with the way we think about it.

Love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!
Love Elder Bingham


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