February 11, 2019


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro

Letter to Mom - Transfers

Haha so Elder Castro is going to a area called San Luis. I'm staying here in Dorrego and going to get a new companion today. He is Elder Larsen. Right now he just finished training Elder Gubernick that is from my group in the CCM. So I know a little bit about him; that he is gringo and I think from Utah as well haha. But i'm excited and nervous! Its a lot of responsibility to handle here in Dorrrego and I still feel brand new! So yesterday I was feeling really anxious and nervous because I thought Presidente had made a mistake haha. But I was comforted by the holy ghost that I can do this. I have been taught well and know the area so I can keep everything going. And since that moment I have felt peace and happiness to start with someone knew. Yeah, me and Castro had our hard times but its kind of hard to say goodbye to him because hes one of my good friends now... So its hard to say goodbye to him but that's the life in the mission. Hopefully I don't cry to much haha.
That is so good to hear that come follow me is going well at home! Right now I wish we had had that when I was young. Especially with studying the bible haha. I know the basics of the Bible but there are people here that know what the 4th letter in verse 5 of John 3 says! It's crazy sometimes. But I think its way cool that you guys can do that as a family. That is the most important part is that its in the family and you guys can help the kids understand better and feel the spirit more strong that comes from the testimony of parents!
This week might be a little rough getting used to the new comp but I am ready and excited! Thank you so much for the pictures and tell Ty he looks like a stud in his suit!
Love you mom hope you have a good week!


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