January 21, 2019


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro

Week 9

I'm trying something different this week so if it works and you like it let me know.
Sounds like a crazy week you had! I will definitely be praying for Sadie!
All is good and crazy here haha. The work of the lord is continuing and I am so grateful to be a part of it!

Sorry I don't have my camera right now to send pictures but I love you guys and hope you have a better week!
Love Elder Bingham

** This is a transcript of the voice recording he sent
Hey Mom and Dad,
So, our mission president shortened the time in cyber from 1 ½ hours to 1 hour. So, I am just trying something new (voice recording) and see how it goes. If you guys like it, I can continue to do this, if not, then its okay.
First, I just wanted to let you guys know that I got the letters from you guys and grandma as well. The mailing system is a little slow, but it works, I got them. Thank you for those. Um…This week was pretty good. A little difficult at times, but we had some pretty cool experiences. One we had this investigator from Haiti. He has been an investigator for a while, before I ever got here. He was a little unsure, I don’t know, I just feel like he didn’t have his answer yet. So, we met with him on Saturday and he told us, he actually told us that he was robbed this last week of 1,800 pesos or something like that. Which for him is a lot of money right now since he is saving to move out of the apartment, he is in. But he told us that he was still praying and that he got his answer. He started to say but I only have one question. Me and Elder Castro were thinking, oh great, he’s not going to get baptized because this is going to be the question that is going to stop him from getting baptized. And all he asked was, Can I be baptized in the morning or in the night? We just kind of stopped and we were like whenever you want to get baptized its your decision. It was pretty cool. He is going to be baptized on the second of February with our other investigator, Suzanna, that I told you about last week that was bearing her testimony about her answer to the BOM. This week was cool because we taught her the word of wisdom, I had to think of how to say it in English not in Española. When we taught her about the word of wisdom, we asked her to live it and she said yes. She dumped all of her coffee and tea in the trash, just instantly, no hesitation at all. It was so cool!
Last night we kind of had an interesting lesson with this man named Angel. We just read the introduction of the BOM with him and we asked him to pray right then and there at his house to see if it was true. He is kind of, I don’t know how to say it, evangelical. So, his prayer was very strong, lots of, not really yelling but just saying really loudly the prayer. It was interesting because me and Elder Castro both had a strong feeling that he received his answer. We were talking about it after and we both had feelings that the BOM was true and we had this feeling the whole time he was praying, just a strong spiritual feeling. He told us afterwards that he received an answer from God. That God told him that he needs to return to the book of God, which is the Bible. We were a little bummed by that but we are going to meet back with him on Wednesday and see how he is doing because we invited him to keep praying and reading the BOM. So that was kind of interesting and fun yesterday.
This week was interesting with Elder Castro because, I don’t know, It was just different. He likes to be perfect in what he does so when things don’t’ go his way or things aren’t really going good with the work he is kind of ornery sometimes. He kind of flips out on me sometimes when I forget things, which I do. When I am trying my best, he flips out on me for it. It is really hard to put up with it. But at the same time this week I have been learning a lot about charity and learning to listen to people and love them at the same time. So yes, it has been difficult but at the same time I have been able to feel our Savior love more and develop the Christlike attributes of Charity, Patience and Love as well. So, it has been a difficult testimony builder for me. But it has been good. I have noticed a change, I am not just listening to people to change them. I am listening because I want to help them. I want them to feel this love of Christ as well. That was kind of this week. A little summary. Oh yeah, yesterday I gave my first blessing in Spanish. Holy Cow! I was so nervous I was pretty sure I was shaking the guys head with my hands when I was blessing him because my hands were shaking so bad. But it was good. It was very short but the spirit was still there. It was cool.
Just wanted to let you guys know I am doing good and learning more every day. I can talk more with people. Yesterday I had a long conversation with a member in our ward. It was so cool because after we were done, I walked away and realized that I had just talked for 10 minutes with this person. It was pretty cool.
Hope you guys are doing good, pray for you every day. I know you guys are doing the same because I have definitely felt your help. It is strength that I am very grateful for in the mission.
** He then bore his testimony in Spanish
Mom you might have to have dad help you with that last part. Things are going good. Loving my mission. Thank you for all of your support. I will talk with you again next week. Tell the kids I said Hi and that I love them as well.
Chow, Adios.


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