January 28, 2019


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro

Week 10

Hola mis amados amigos.
Forgive me for the last week that I didn't write. Its been crazy here with time in our pdays.
Something interesting is that the wife of our mission president picked a group of missionaries to sing in a choir because we are going to have an apostle come soon! Elder Renland I think. And I was chosen to sing haha... I cant sing very well so please 'pray for my abilities to sing.

This week was super hot! We got lots of rain so in the day it was hot, with like 40% humidity! So the temperature was something like 42 degrees celsius sometimes. I was dying haha. But that didn't stop us from working hard!

Something cool this last week was about 4 days ago we were talking with this woman in the street that told us she had a bad experience before with missionaries... we talked for a while and she told us that if we find where she lives we can teach her. Well we didn't knock every door after that because there are a lot of doors haha. But we had her in the back of our minds. Then last night, instead of going back to the apartment, we decided to go visit one last person and guess who we found?! The woman, her name is Clide. haha we were so excited and she couldn't believe that we found her. We are going to visit her in the next week!

Something else I wanted to say was its very important to because with what you say to other people and about others. we have an investigator that is awesome. Susana, and shes is preparing to be baptized this Saturday. But some of the members in the ward said some things that now she is unsure if she wants to be baptized in the church... So my advice is always be careful with your words. Make sure they are truthful because you never know how they affect someone else.

Love you guys
Love Elder Bingham

1. A food that was really good and I can't spell
2. lunch from last pday - popusas
3.Our district Elder Perez, Elder Preece, Me, Elder castro


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