January 28, 2019


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro

Hola Mis Padres

Hola mis padres!
¿Como estàn?
I'm glad you guys got the video! I was worried it might not work haha.
How has your week been? This week was a learning process to be honest.
I've been having a really hard time just talking to people. Just listening and knowing what to say to them. After one lesson where I only said a few words, my comp got after me pretty hard that I needed to say more. I just felt useless because i understood what the guy was saying. I just didn't have any idea of what to say... So I was praying this whole week that God would help me with this problem right now. And I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. But yesterday during lunch, a member told me a story of an elder that had many baptisms in very little time and couldn't even speak good! This elder said that when he didn't know what to say he would just bear his testimony. And right then my answer came and hit me like a truck haha. The spirit testified to me that if i just do this little thing I will have to words to say and I will develop this ability to talk with people. So i'm putting this into practice and starting to just open my mouth more and trust that I will receive the help I need. Its been a good learning process.

Yesterday was hard for me and my comp. Our investigator, that received her answer for the BOM the first time, and threw all the coffee and tea away too, told us shes not going to be baptized in this church of hypocrites. We had a lesson with her yesterday too and we did all that we could in that moment to help her, and gave her scriptures to read. She said shes going to think about it more but shes made up her mind. I sure hope that she will be able to find peace and be able to stay firm in this decision.

Hope you guys have a good week. Tell the kids I said hi! I've been praying for Sadie and for all of you too. I know that you guys will be blessed while i'm gone. I love you guys so much!
Love Elder Bingham

Me and Elder Castro lost when we took the wrong bus haha


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