January 14, 2019


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro

This week has been amazing!

This week was awesome! We have 14 new investigators and are teaching a lot! I learned so much that if we do what we are supposed to do, the lord will bless us with many blessings!

One of our new investigators is awesome. She went to church before our first lesson so she told us she had already started reading the BOM and wanted to know more. So we taught her the restoration and after the lesson we asked her to pray right there to have an answer. She prayed and after the prayer, she looked up at us and said yes, it is true. Shes planning to be baptized on the 9th of February!
Then the next day she was in the house of another investigator of ours and she started bearing testimony of her answer and was encouraging the other investigator to be baptized with her! She is so awesome!

Sunday night was kind of funny because i walked up to this man in front of his house to do the street contacting, ALBS, and he instantly told me that he is catholic and didn't want to hear. I tried again and he told me the same thing. So we left and there was another man walking down the street so i went up to talk to him. He told me the same thing so i asked him you dont want to hear our message about jesus christ? He stopped isntantly and looke dme in the eyes and told me to shut up, In spanish haha, and said that he can make his own decisions and doesn't need to hear this message. And as he was walking away he sad that John Smith was wrong. I couldn't help but smile after he said that. But i learned then too that when you have the spirit you can face anything.

The days keep getting better and better and I'm so grateful for this awesome calling and blessing!
Hope you guys have an awesome week!

1.Me Elder Castro, Elder Ramirez and Elder Boss
2. My awesome tan line from my watch
3. A cool fish we saw


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