December 31, 2018


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro


So our presidente told us that he doesn't want us using the chat section of our email anymore. It kind of seems weird but he told us that our time here needs to be completely to the lord. So i'll send you guys emails like this now on and if you need to tell me something important to know then use the chat. I know it might be hard but there are blessings behind every rule if we follow them.

This last week was super hot! Especially the day after Christmas. It was super hot and kind of made it a longer day haha. It was my first day where I planned everything to do that day and my companion didn't help me with anything, except speaking, and it was super hard. I was frustrated with little things and felt like I hadn't been watching my companion and didn't learn anything. But at the end of the day my companion sat down with me and told me that he wanted me to struggle so that i would be open to suggestions. And that I could know for my self what to do better. And at first I was a little mad with him because the day sucked haha. But honestly it helped me so much to learn! He is an awesome companion. We just had transfers this week and everything is pretty much the same.

Christmas was very good! It was special to be able to bear my testimony about Christ during this time!
I love you guys so much and hope you have a good week this week. We only have 30 minutes to write today to so I'm sorry I cant talk for much longer.
Love Elder Bingham


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