December 10, 2018


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro

Letter sent out from MOM

Hey everyone,

This is Em, Dylan’s mom. He had a super crazy time at the internet café yesterday and was only given a short amount of time and like a good boy he was talking to his mom and dad and sending a few short emails in between the computer reloading. So I thought I would send a few things for him about this week and some pictures.

He did say this in our chat, “This week was hard with time because the computer place was full so I can’t write a big one or send pics because I have to go. Tell everyone I’m doing good and viva team river haha (see later in the email). I love you guys mucho

Here are some recaps of my conversation and emails he sent to his siblings.

This week went by pretty fast. I think a lot about what it’s going to be like in a few months from now. Sometimes I wish that the time would fly by but then other times I want it to go slow so I cannot miss out on the good memories and things happening here.

I love it here in Argentina and the food is awesome! Everyone here eats lots of steak call asado! Christmas is way different. It is 90 degrees most days or right now it rains a lot. It will be different but I like being here. I do miss the snow

The Spanish here all sounds slurred together to me. Its way hard but I can pick up words and sentences better. I understand a lot of gospel stuff, but as soon as they start talking about other stuff I don’t get it at all hahaha There is a little girl in our ward that reminds me of Sadie every time I see her. She speaks really cute Spanish to me. I think my trainer thinks I understand more then I actually do because he looks at me during lessons and all I can think to do is bear my testimony.

They love soccer here. Sunday was crazy because it was the BOCA vs River soccer game. You either like one or the other. I like river, they are way better, I even bought a Jersey this week to wear on pdays. But the whole town would scream yes or no depending on who scored haha. At the end of the game everyone was shooting guns and fireworks. Some were shooting because they were mad and some because they were happy It was so awesome!

A few teaching moments. We found an old investigator that we started teaching again two weeks ago. He had a super strong experience with the BOM and we were way excited and he set a baptismal date. And now this week he told us that he had a dream about one of the Jehovah witness people telling him that this is not the right way... we were kind of sad and we hope that he can find out soon this is the right way. His name is Victorino and is super good to teach. We pray a lot for him. Just normal teaching besides that. We don’t knock a lot we mostly do street contacts so we visit a lot of homeless people and we get a laugh at the weird stories people come up with about why they don’t want to hear our lessons. Haha.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy some pictures from the MTC and his travels to Argentina.

Love you all, Love Dylan more 😊


Picture 1 - At the Mexico Airport

Picture 2 - Our first name tag picture (this is a huge thing for missionaries and moms I guess )

Picture 3 - I love this. His district in the CCM all became the best of friends. They have the funnest pictures together.

Picture 4 - Flying into Mendoza - first look at his new home.


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