December 3, 2018


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro


Just wanted to say, it is very awkward when you ask an Atheist if they have faith in God. We were street contacting and I went up to thin man and told him we were missionaries and some other things. He said he was catholic but now is an Atheist. I didn't catch that part so I asked if he had faith in God and he just looked at me really weird. Luckily my companion was there to step in and help.
These weeks have been super fast and slow at the same time! I'm able to understand people more and more each day. But its hard to not be able to understand at the same time. It amazes me that there are so many different languages that people use.
The people here don't call it Spanish, they call it castillano. Its like its own kind of Spanish that is hard to understand when they talk fast, and they talk fast all the time haha. Even the little kids speak super fast. But I have truly been blessed to be able to learn and understand better each day. I can testify that the gift of tongues is so real! I've been able to bear my testimony and say parts in lessons that would have been difficult at first. I'm so grateful all the time for my blessings here!
The food here is awesome too! Lunches are always super huge but always amazing. We had asado for lunch yesterday. Its like an Argentine bbq, but it honestly tastes so much better! I've never had so much meat in my life haha.
The Christmas feeling is different here because its about 90 degrees all the time, and instead of hearing Christmas songs on the radio, its mostly reggae-ton music haha. Little different then at home but I love it!
I'm loving the experiences here and how much closer I am to our father in heaven in just 2 weeks! I know that he is there every step of the way to help us and wants us to do good!
Love you guys
Elder Bingham

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