November 26, 2018


Dorrego Argentina


Elder Castro

Hola Mami

Hola Mami!
Mondays are my p-days
Holy cow this week has been crazy.
It was really hard at first because 1. i missed my friends from the CCM and it felt like they were gone really fast. 2. I couldn't understand anyone. I can pick up words here and there but most of the time i just felt alone because everyone else was talking and i had no idea what they were saying. My companion has been a great help to me. He is from mexico and when we first met i thought he didn't know any English. But on Thursday i was having a really hard time in our casa trying to understand things and he started speaking to me in fluent English! I was surprised and so grateful because i always thought id want a companion that doesn't know English. But its a hug blessing that he does because we can communicate more now and i can learn better because he can say things in English if i really just cant get it.
The first day was a super humbling experience for me. We got to the casa around 5 after getting new companions and went right to work. Our first contact was a lady living next to the park. She has about 8 kids and no husband. But I wish I could show you a picture of what they had because where they were, even the plain white shirt I had on felt to expensive to be wearing. And that it is how it is with every house usually. Sometimes i feel bad saying I'm from Utah because they usually turn to my companion and say something along the lines of hes rich or rica. Even when they are teasing me I feel really self conscious about looking like I am rich. But that has gotten better since the first couple days.

We had a baptism on saturday!!!
The guys name is Gonsalo. He has been slowly working for 9 months on changing and finally he was baptised! It was my companions first baptism and mine haha. It was such a cool experience. And then on Sunday they confirmed him and gave him the holy ghost. The spirit was so strong and he was so happy. His mom was there and she is a non member. She calls my Dylan instead of elder haha. Shes my favorite because she is trying to learn English so she will say my name with a really strong Spanish accent haha. But she was very interested in the church too.

I love the people here more and more everyday. Even though I cant understand them, i can feel their love for me through the spirit. And they are so kind to everyone! Everyone you meet gives you a big hug and a kiss on the check. We cant do it with the sisters ofcourse. But its so cool.
Their is a man here that we call Papa, his whole family are members. because he is just a huge happy guy that loves everyone. The first meeting I had with him, I didn't know what he was saying but he had tears coming out of his eye because of something in his family. I felt the spirit so strong and just bore my testimony to him that every family has difficulties but that through the savior he can help us. Afterwards he thanked me for the words and I understood what he was saying! And he told me that anytime we are hungry or tired, his house may be small but for us its big. And that his house is our house too. Then he gave me a huge hug and I couldn't hold the tears back because I felt the spirit so strong and so much love for this man.

There was a time when we were walking down the street and there was a man sitting on the ground smoking. We stopped to talk to him and he looked up at us with tears coming down his face and i instantly felt the saviors love for him. I wanted to help him so bad but he said that he lived in a different area and i had this crushing sadness that we couldn't teach him because he said he wanted to hear our message.

I love it here. If it is hard, its getting better each day. I can understand more and more. I rely heavily on the spirit but i love it!
Tell Logan I said hi!
I love you so much mami. I cant wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!
Love Dylan


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