November 21, 2018




Elder Castro

Made it to Mendoza

We made it to Mendoza! I wanted to call you when we left on Monday, but that phone didn't work and our plane was starting to go so I ran out of time.

It has been a long couple days. Our flight was 9 hours long! We left at 10 mexico time and didn't get to the hotel in Buenos Aires until 2 in the morning. They served us dinner and I would have to say that my first Argentine dinner was great! We we able to sleep for about an hour and then had to be back on a bus at 4 to catch a plane to Mendoza. That flight didn't take to long. Only about 2 hours or so. When we got off we went and got our bags and started out the door and there was our president and his wife waiting for us! It was a relief to us, especially me, to see them holding the "la iglesia de Jersucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias" sign haha. They had some older missionaries there to help us take our bags and go out. Elder Hobbs has been out here 16 months and is was good at speaking the language. The dialect here is called castillando. The double l makes a sh sound which is kind of cool. The whole day yesterday was training and meeting the presidente and his wife. We had pizza for lunch and it was amazing!
After a couple hours, we we able to go to our hotel and take an hour nap before going to dinner with the presidente. Their casa is the whole top floor pretty much of an apartment building. The dinner was amazing too. The dessert was kind of like those desserts we do that when you cut the long loaf thing it has the white creme swirl in it. We got back to the hotel that night and just crashed on the beds haha.
Today has been better. We've had a couple new meetings and were going to get our new companions soon.
Love you guys, talk to you soon!


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