November 14, 2018


Mexico city


Elder Rodriguez

Ultimo Semana

¡Hola mis amigos!
These past couple week have been super great and I have loved every minute of it! This is the last week here and then at the beginning of next week we all head out to Argentina! I cant wait! My Spanish is still kind of bad haha but I can teach lessons and hold a conversation with people in Spanish! Its been a really testimony builder to me about having the spirit with me to help me communicate.

One thing we have talked about so much this week is the plan of salvation. I just want to testify that i know God loves us and is our Father in heaven. He Loves us so much so he made a plan for us to be able to be happy in this life and the life afterwards. We were teaching a lesson about the atonement and i had a confirming feeling that God and Jesus Christ love us so much that Jesus was Sent here to atone for the world. What a huge blessing that is for me to know that there is someone who loves me and you enough to give his life in order for us to repent and return to live with them again some day with our families! I love this gospel more and more and cant wait to bring it to the people of Argentina!

Another thing we went over was serving with love. I promise that if you serve others and love and Jesus loved, your life will be happier and more blessed because of it.

We had a devotional on sunday all about the book of mormon. Our president here shared that if you open the book with a question in your heart, the lord will help you find an answer. So me and my companion tried it and we flipped to a scripture randomly that talked about missionary work and working with everything you have! IT was so cool!

Next time I write I will be in Argentina!
Love you guys!
Dylan Bingham

1. we got to go to the temple again last week
2. me and my compañero at the visitors center
3. You have to have 2 umbrellas and a rain jacket on for the rain here haha


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