October 31, 2018


Mexico city


Elder Rodriguez

Hey Mom

Hey mom!
First off i wanted to say thanks for that awesome letter you sent me about the primary program and trying to change the circumstance. It really helped to read that yesterday because i had been feeling the same way with learning spanish. I wished that i just new it and could speak it and was frustrated i didnt know how to teach good. But what you said in the letter really helped me look at it from a new perspective and changed my attitude about learning. This week has been full of crazy things. we had a lightning storm that was so loud it sounded and looked like it was striking inside the ccm. It was so crazy! We also didint know day light savings was a thing in mexico so we all woke up an hour earlier then we should have on sunday morning.
To answer some of your questions, yes i do feel like i have everything. Except for the one thing you told me to bring... a sweatshirt. our gym time is in the morning so its pretty chilly without a jacket sometimes. My district is awesome! we can have a spiritual conversation for the whole day if we had enough time. They help me out so much in learning patience and having dilligence in learning the language. Ill have to check the mail today to see if i got the package!
Love you so much


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