October 31, 2018


Mexico city


Elder Rodriguez

Start of week 4

I realized i goofed last week in my email. this week marked halfway through the mtc haha. I apologize. The weeks are going by fast so its hard to remember what happens sometimes haha.

Remember that elder we blessed last week because of his feet? After we got done emailing last week we all went and played basketball. This same elder sprained his ankle while playing so bad that he has a wheel chair to push him around. But with his misfourtune came anther opportunity to give him a blessing. After we got him back to the house we gave him another blessing. His companion elder Boss blessed him this time and it was amazing. The doctor said he would probably be in that wheelchair for a week. But Elder Swiderski started walking again on Friday with only a minor limp. it was amazing to me to see the power of blessing work again.

This past week has also been hard because I developed a cold on thursday. So throughout this week my nose has been plugged and Ive had a way bad cough for a few days now. But its starting to go away which I and happy for because it sucks that I cant sit through a divotional without coughing a million times haha. Thursday nigh was the night of lightning storms. First is started raining super hard. And then came the lighting so loud and often that it sounded like the lighting was striking inside the ccm! Elder Thorton, Swiderksi, Boss and i were in another building away from our district when a lighting bolt struck not 100 yards away from where we were. Instantly all of us got the impression to get out and go to our district. Nothing bad happened to us, but Im glad we didnt stay in that other room and find out haha. By the end of that day we were all kind of bummed out about our spanish not being so great. Just was a long day in general.

on saturday me and my companion taught another lesson to daniela. She struggles with knowing god loves her because she feels like he didnt help her in the past. It was hard to come up with a lesson plan that fit her needs. So we decided to talk about our purpose here on earth and that we are given trials to help us learn and grow "Dios nos envió a la tierra para apredner y progresar" It went okay but was still a little rough. Its been a good learning experience to figure out how to open up more to the lord so he can help me learn and teach the people. Im not perfect at it but im getting better.

Sunday was a crazy day. (Of all days to be crazy haha) First off, we didnt konw daylight savings was a thing in mexico. So we all got up an hour earlier then we should have been. Second, Elder swidesrski woke up puking. He had cold sweats and couldnt stand for very long because he was dizzy. It was really scary and the enfermaria is closed on sunday. So he asked me to give him a blessing. I was caught off guard at first because i thought we should be taking him to the reception office. But after a couple seconds i registered what he said to me. So i hurried and changed and his companion did the anointing. My heart was racing as I was laying my hands on his head because it was the first healing blessing I had ever given! But once I started speaking, i felt the spirit come over me and I dont remember much of what i said, But instantly his breathing slowed and he was able to stand and deal with his pains until we could get him to a doctor to help him out. I know that God was helping Elder Swiderski out in his time of need. It wasnt my power that helped him. It was the preisthood authority that I have been given that helped him. I know that this is true and i have seen it over and over again here in just one week! I love these awesome experiences weve had and i cant wait for more!
We all tease him now to be carfeful praying for patience because he has had trial after trial to test it.
Elder Bingham
1st picture is Elder Swiderski After he sprained his ankle
2nd is Elder stanger that I met and is super cool
3rd is my spanish scriptures that have color coded markings for different scriptures


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