October 17, 2018


Mexico city


Elder Rodriguez

One Week Down

Hey eveybody!
First group email of the mission! Sorry in advance for and spanglish words because thats how we have been communicating this last week haha. First off I wanted to say that its very different living here in mexico then in the united states. Second, the spirit here is so strong. it had already helped me be able to contact an investigator in spanish! It has been such a cool learning experience already i get more and more excited to go into the mission field everyday!

The first few days we got here were kind of rough. I was feeling really homesick and just wanted to see my family again. I was kind of uncomfortable being here because i didnt know where to go or when to go to meetings haha. But we had a devotional that first night and they kept saying "Mirad hacia arriba y sey levantado" which means look up and be lifted. So, i took that to heart and started to pray more and rely on my savior. And little by little everything started getting better. It was such a cool spiritual experience to have in not even a day of being here!

This CCM (MTC) is such a cool place. It is very big, but there is beautiful things everywhere. there are palm trees taller then the buildings with hundreds of parrots flying between them! they are super noisy by the way. It rains here every day pretty much. The second day we were here, it rained at least 3 feet! The locals here had never seen so much rain before. Our casa we are staying in almost got flooded. Ill put some pictures of it at the bottom. So you always carry an umbrella or rain jacket everywhere just in case haha.

Our classes are a mix of all spanish, or spanglish. There is no speaking complete english here. It was hard at first but again, i was able to remember our savior and i would feel his love to help me and my companion. My companion is Elder Rodriquez. He is from arizona and is new but pretty fluent in spanish. It was hard at first because he seemed like he didnt want to be here. But things are better now. Some of our classes are about our purpose as a missionary. so i had a lot of time to think about what kind of missionary i wanted to be. And i thought, i want to get closer to my savior, and be able to be an awesome messenger of Christ through him. I felt the spirit so strong in that meeting and i knew that i was doing what the lord wanted me to do.

The weekend here was great to. On saturday we have this thing called Book Of Mormon share with our teacher and our district. The meeting already had the spirit so strong there but i felt it even more as i read 1 nefi 10 verse 18. It talks about how Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. And that he has prepared the way for us if we repent and come unto him. i was able to bare my testimony is spanish about this verse. The gift of tongues is such a powerful gift and i experienced it that night and many more times since then. Sacrement meeting was awesome becausee it was all in spanish haha. As i was listening to a speaker, i felt the spirit testifying to me that what they were saying was true. And then i thought of my dad the first time i went through the temple and what he said. "You may not understand everything this first time. So just pay attention to the feelings you have" I was very greatful to remember that because i was able to feel that what they were saying was true, even if i didnt understand them all the time.
Im so greatful for my opportunidad to serve mi Savior and to be able to bring this same spirit to the people of Argentina! I love all you guys and can feel the help from your prayers in the rough times!
Elder Bingham
1st picture me in the rain storm where we almost got flooded out
2nd me and my companion
3rd is my district


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