July 12, 2016


Bear Valley Ward- Hesperia, CA


Elder Glenn

5:03 p.m.

Hello!! Hope you have had a good week! Sorry for not emailing this past Monday! The computers were down at the library and we didn't know when they would be back up and going. Luckily they are back to running strong today!
We had zone meeting this morning. It was really good. our zone is small like there is only 14 missionaries in my zone right now.
Elder Glenn and I have walked our fair share that is for sure! We had our miles cut like I said and so we have only been using the car as we need it. One day we decided to walk to the highest part of our area and it took us 2 hrs. just to get to the guys house haha. We asked for a ride from the members to take us back to our place afterwards so that we could make it back in time for dinner. There is a upside to all the walking we have been doing. We get to talk to a lot more people than when we are in car. It is easier to catch people outside and come up and talk to them when we are just cruising by walking rather than bike or car. for example in the evening time this past week we were able to talk to a lot of guys in there garage. We talked to a carpenter who told us that his wife passed away a year ago. We talked for a while, he wasn't interested, but gave us some water. About two days later elder Glenn and I were walking down the road, thirsty, when that same gentleman (that same guy)drove up beside us and gave us some water and powerade! He didn't accept our message 100%, but that is a start. It usually takes people a long time of interactions with members before they will be interested. At least he knows who we are now.
Elder Glenn and I have found 3 new people to teach this week and one came to church! we met Jose( the one who came to church) through a former investigator. We had a lesson with him this past week and he said that he had been to the Mormon church up in Washington a couple times with his friend. At the end of the lesson he asked us where the church was and he said he wanted to come. Well he came and stayed for the first two hours and left early just because he has a special needs son who he had to take care of. Jose seems solid. The other two people we started teaching is a couple of sisters. It is really interesting how we ran into them. Elder Low and I, a couple weeks ago, were riding our bikes and I had a goat head in my tire that wasn't getting filled. And yes there is a lot of goat heads here to I cant escape them haha. Well we changed our route toward the other elders apartment since they were closer and ran into some teenage kids and there siblings who started talking to us and asking why missionaries stopped coming back by their house. They gave us their address and we stopped by this week. They are very interested in learning about the gospel, but there grandmother only speaks Spanish. The kids know English better so we might have to team teach them with the Spanish elders. We wouldnt have ran into them if we stayed on our normal course!

Hope all is well at home! Love yall!

sick dachshund tie, a 3 donut double burger, and elder Glenn keeping us safe at night.


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