December 4, 2019


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Banner Days

Our chief responsibility down here to make sure that mission presidents have the training and materials to have chapel open houses in their missions.

We just entered into a busy time here. On November 30, the city of Buenos Aires sponsored a “Noche de Templos” [“Night of the Temples”], to give the people here opportunities to go inside buildings of worship, and see what the churches do in those places.

Two stake presidents nearby talked to us about using open house banners for their chapels that night. One of them arranged to get them from the mission president. The other arranged to borrow one of our sets (we usually have two on hand).

A few moments after the one stake came to pick up a set of 12 banners from us, delivery service personal arrived to haul off our other set of banners to a missioin headquartered in Neuquen, Argentina.

The Neuquen Mission really makes an effort to connect with the people about gospel of Jesus Christ, the importance of families in God’s plan, etc. They have multiple open houses scheduled all over their mission in December – and need something like a dozen kits of banners to cover all of those bases. They are going to combine a number of these open houses with “Light the World” – a campaign to get us thinking about being more Christ-like.

Our supplier is churning out banners as fast as they can, and we just shipped out to Neuquen both sets of banners we usually keep in our office – to help them keep up with their open house schedule.

This is a great time of year here!


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