September 21, 2019


Buenos Aires, Argentina


The First Day of Spring in Buenos Aires, Argentina

We did not realize it was the first day of spring today in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All we knew is that we wanted to see if we could get to the temple by taking the two buses that people had told us about.

It was a great adventure, didn’t take us too long to travel to the temple. We entered the temple grounds behind the bus stop, going through a gate and onto a very long sidewalk surrounded by beautiful green lawns (and a type of tree with a fat trunk for storing water). The temple is a magnificent sight on the side, as well as from the front. And it is beautiful inside and out. Love radiates through its walls!

After Mom and I entered the temple, the workers asked if we could be the witnesses for the session that we were in. That was a great experience. Following our session in the temple, we decided to head to the building across the way where families who traveled miles and miles to get to the temple go after temple service, to eat.

As soon as we walked into the building, we saw the person who I had sat by in the temple. His name was Diego Diaz. His wife was Cintia, and she turned out to be the one who mom sat by! Although mostly blind, Brother Diaz got around very well, and is currently serving as his ward’s elders quorum president in Rosario, Argentina.

Sister Diaz was very happy to make this trip. Until shortly before coming, she thought that she was the only member of the church in her family. However she found out by looking in FamilySearch that there were other people doing genealogy on her lines, and they turned out to be members too!

Rather than eat the little lunch we brought at the moment, Mom and I decided to keep walking, and go outside. We saw a line of people boarding 2 giant buses about ready to embark on the 5-hour return trip to Mar de Plata (Evasio Liquen was one of them). Adjacent to the building were spacious, verdant lawns. They were covered with families and groups, eating lunch and enjoying the pleasant day. Some were spread out on blankets, and some were crowded onto the benches scattered here and there.

We said hi to two families eating together on blankets. We also stopped to say hi to a sizable group sitting on and around a couple of picnic benches. Two of the sisters had just recently been baptized, and this was their first time to the temple. They were both from Paraguay. Their group was composed mostly of sisters who had come today to participate in a stake relief society day at the temple – to help celebrate the first day of spring.

It was a marvelous celebration for all those on the grounds, and for us!


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