October 5, 2019


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Conference is great in Argentina too!

We are sure enjoyed viewing the proceedings of the first day of general conference meetings here. It was interesting to contemplate the message of President Oaks on the spirit world. Bondage from sin or bondage from not having a physical body at the moment, are 2 items on the minds of the people there, he noted. I also liked that he taught that we should concentrate on following Christ, to get to His Kingdom, and not worry about the outcome of others.

The last session today lasted until 11 pm here. We scrambled to bed as soon as we could after that. It is very different viewing the conference in this time zone. It ends very late.

The conference today was wonderful. I want to review again the talks by Elder Cook and by President Nelson (in the women’s session).

My personal belief is that if you are a man, you cannot ignore (that is, not listen to or read) the women's session of conference. Likewise the women cannot bypass the priesthood session in the conferences when it is held.

Although these 2 meetings are directed to a certain audience, they contain vital information for all people. I loved for instance President Nelson’s recitation (given in the women’s meeting tonight) of a priesthood holder’s most important priesthood responsibility is to care for his wife.

I was also impressed with the talks of Elder Alliaud of Buenos Aires (converted by reading a Book of Mormon he found) and of Elder Mark Pace - who recently visited Buenos Aires, and who talked today about the Savior ministering to him.

We were delighted to learn that Christian Richter (who we know from the area office) and his friend Jorge were able to attend in the conference center this afternoon’s session, and so were able to hear those 2 good brethren. Christian and Jorge were also able to get tickets to go to the first session tomorrow morning.

The Lord’s servants, our general authorities and officers, are certainly wonderful people. As we listened to President Pace, I couldn’t help but remember his visit to us at the Area office on September 12. He delivered a powerful message here. He was also approachable, friendly, and a model of a true disciple of Christ - both when he came to Argentina and when he returned to the United States.

The Area office choir sang before President Pace spoke to us. The area president approved recording the number. Elder Pace liked the number so much that we felt impressed to send him the recording we made. He was very kind in his reply to us. This is a great work that we are involved in!

September 18, 2019

Dear Elder and Sister Patten,

Thank you so very much for your kind note of encouragement and support. That was very thoughtful of you and I appreciated it very much. I do feel strongly of the blessings that come from reading the scriptures. Hope my message may have been of some help.

Thank you also for the lovely photo and the audio recording of the choir number. I have been listening to “Con Valor Marchemos” over and over again. I love it and feel inspired each time I listen to it - which is many!

The performance sounded wonderful to me. But I realize that the choir number was for worship, and not for performance. That makes it all even more inspiring. This audio recording of the choir is an absolute jewel for us from our short visit to Argentina. Thanks for making this possible. You ministered to me!

Best wishes to you both in your missionary assignment. It was very nice to meet you.

Que Dios Les Bendiga,
Mark L Pace


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