September 7, 2019


Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


Chivilcoy Ahoy!

This weekend was pretty busy with our first ever open house – in Chivilcoy, 2 1/2 hours outside west of the city.

Dad’s first driving experience here was a nailbiter at times - but we were blessed with the kind tutelage of the Smiths, another senior couple leaving in November, who volunteered to accompany us on this maiden voyage.

Some of the differences of Argentina and American driving:

1. Yellow light signals change for stop and go.

2. Unmarked intersecting intersections are first come, first go - slow down and don’t actually stop, be bold and claim your place. No four-way stops are to be found. Actually there seem to be no stop signs at all!

3. No signaling required to change lanes.

4. No turning right on a red light – a boon for pedestrians.

5. Swarm between lines.

6. Buses can go anywhere.

7. Bikes drive right in traffic.

8. Motorcycles are everywhere!

The chapel in Chivilcoy was remodeled and ready to be rededicated the next day, Sunday. Four companionships of elders and one companionship of sisters came to help teach and pass out information.

Also helping were President Resek, his gracious wife Sandra and sweet daughter Carissa, who helped with set ups and greeting.

Ward members were in certain rooms to introduce relief society, primary, etc., but they sure could’ve use more of them. It would’ve been nice to have heard more from the youth, primary children, etc.

The Cantata choir (who are from Buenos Aires and who who sang for the Prophet) came out in a bus, and put on a marvelous concert after the open house on Saturday evening.

My favorite number was “Homeward Bound”, containing the words - “I’ll be home to find my calling”.


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