August 30, 2019


Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay


One Day in Uruguay

Today we went to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay with Elder and Sister Brown, another senior missionary couple.

The senior missionaries who work out of the area office (like we do) do this trip every 90 days - until they get their DNI card (which is like a green card, and somewhat challenging to get).

We haven’t yet been in Argentina anywhere near 3 months. But the Browns were coming up on another three months last week, when they tried to make the trip.

Immigration officials wouldn’t let them go out of Argentina until they paid a huge fine - because immigration said that they were 1 day over the 90 days granted to tourists.

The Browns spent most of the rest of the day a week ago, securing a one-time, 1-week extension and paying a fine.

They ran out of time last Friday to get over the river into Uruguay and back - so they could be legal in Argentina again for another 90 days.

Mom & I were able to accompany the Browns today to support them in any way we could.

The Lord blessed us in our travels. We passed through the borders and immigration checkpoints of Argentina and Uruguay without a problem.

Sister Brown said that she was thrilled to hear the noise of the hand stamps coming down on their passports – because that meant that they would be legal again in Argentina!

We traveled to and from Uruguay on the “Buque Bus” (a big boat with lots of seats like the ones that you sit on in an airplane).

When we got to Colonia, we had 2 or 3 hours until the time when we had to re-board the Buque Bus. So we rented a golf cart to go to a place to eat, and to go see the old city.

It was an enchanted trip!


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