August 19, 2019



More on Week 2

Mom writes,

“From the moment of our arrival in Buenos Aires on August 13, we have been welcomed and oriented to our new surroundings by kind and capable fellow missionaries and Church employees. Difficulties with the work force provisioning are being worked out, and we look forward to meeting with Elder Mark A. Bragg to receive direction in our assignment - to work with the Capilla Abierta program in the South America South Area.

“Our first week was highlighted by meeting the Area Presidency and new mission presidents, and hearing that Dan and Kim picked up little Zoe in China. We received great updates from all those on the Mainland too - life is good!”

(Postscript by Dad)

My past continues to follow me. As we were traveling to the MTC in Provo, one of those I helped teach and baptize in Venezuela some 48 years ago (Yanni Bacouros) called. He wanted me to be a part of a discussion in a couple of days hence with his brother (Consto) and Consto’s wife – who is investigating the church.

When it came time for the discussion with them and the missionaries, Mom and I were there, on Facetime. The Bacouros family (Yanni and Consto) were in Minnesota (where they now live). They asked me to open with prayer, and called upon Mom and me to share our testimonies.

I asked if the Bacouros’ mother (who I also helped teach) was yet alive. They said she was, and still living in Puerto Ordaz where I met them all, at the house of another brother (Nick). We called Nick a couple of days ago (on Saturday).

At the moment we called, Nick was at the chapel in Puerto Ordaz to baptize his daughter, the youngest of his 5 children. We also got to say to his mom, who was there too. I was among the first in Puerto Ordaz, and we had no chapels. Now they have a whole stake there, and 2 stakes in the sister city, San Feliz, on the other side of the river.

Incredibly, 3 other senior missionaries in the area office also went to Venezuela on their young missions, and 2 of them served in Puerto Ordaz!

Yesterday, in the ward that we were assigned to attend, there were a number of people from Venezuela – including a member from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and his fiancée from Puerto Ordaz!


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