August 8, 2019

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Best wishes

Hey you guys,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I’m thinking of you- as well as many other people. I posted to my Facebook that you guys were leaving on a mission and received an overwhelming amount of replies. Some were from members of my ward, volunteering to pray for your success and safety; some from my people in Spain (“Tus padres son muy bendecidos Rachel, por sacrificios se dan bendiciones, un abrazo”). I wanted to share some of the ones from our mutual friends (note that you were not tagged- making the responses even more exceptional):
Pat Kuhn- “They are amazing! Prayers for their safety.”
Angelique Fuhriman- “Will be praying for them! If they plan to send an email update weekly or monthly please ask them to add me to it!”
Marti Ryan- “So nice. Safe travels Martha and Doug.”
Tera Brant- “They are awesome! Hope they have a wonderful time.”
Jaymie Campbell- (Jaymie Brown, from the stake back home, my age)- “I always loved your parents.”
Myrna Fairbanks- “So exciting!! Your parents are the best.”
Delina Herriage Woodward- “So exciting!”
Judy House Valk- “You guys look great. Love your mom and dad. They are great people and are going to be great missionaries.”
Melodie Leichner- “They will be such a blessing everywhere they go, just as have been a blessing here in Oakdale. Great examples of love and compassion to everyone.”

I second that! You two really are amazing. I’ve had to stop myself a few times from calling throughout the week. Haha. This mission stuff takes some adjusting for all of us! Can’t wait to hear about your exciting adventures. I love the pictures you’ve posted to the app so far.

Lots of love,


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