April 7, 2019

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Jonathan Drysdale

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My favorite talk was by Elder Juan Pablo Villar. There were two things in particular that stood out to me. First, he talks about how his brother was baptized while his family wasn’t super in favor of it and then went to serve a mission. Elder Villar then went to visit him while in the mission field and ended up getting baptized a little later. The take away for me was that we may not always see eye to eye with family, but we will always love and support them. Eventually (in this case it was more than two years later), we will come to see each others points of view if we work towards it, but we’ll love them all the same even when we disagree. The second item that stood out to me was his quote “Just as reading and learning about muscles is not enough to build muscle, reading and learning about faith without adding actions is insufficient to build faith”. This really hits that we cannot just go to church on Sunday, say our prayers, read our scriptures, and say that we are keeping the commandments. The way we interact with each person from our co-workers, to the customer service representatives for a broken product we purchased, to the other people on the road (for those of us with a hint of road-rage), and especially including our families is how we show that we are keeping the commandments.


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