November 28, 2016




Elder Mortensen

Thanks Getting Sickness

Well our week was pretty good at the beginning. We were able to find a member family that moved from Bel 1 called the Lujan family. We also were able to have a powerful lesson with Cynthia Silva. We then were able to give her a blessing afterwards, which was probably one of the most powerful blessings I have given in my life. If you have ever been like in the center of a dance floor when the music drops it was something like that, but a lot more spiritual. Or like a nuke was dropped that is a good explanation too. She basically got her answer to be baptized from that blessing and she has been doing everything she can to make it there. She believes it is something she needs to do. So we will have her baptism this next week. I am glad that I have been such a big part in helping her take such a crucial step. If I wasn't worthy of the spirit in that instant I would have missed out on helping God give her one of the best things she needs in her life.

Tuesday was interesting as we had a lot of lessons. I have come to the realization of how we like to rant sometimes as human beings. In simple terms we like to complain sometimes we mean it sometimes we don't. The night ended well with Pozole, which was really good except it didn't sit very well with Elder Mortensen. He got sick with a nasty version of the flu. Three days straight of being inside causes missionaries to go insane.

Wednesday was torture as I basically sat there all day going insane. I stayed sane by reading from when I entered the mission to about where I am now. That was cool and caused me to reflect and have a serious evaluation of myself. Was I a good missionary? Did I do everything I could? I loved looking over some of the odd moments or things I wrote down in my journal. It made me laugh. I learned and remembered however that I solved a lot of problems with prayer during my mission. That was a cool recollection.

Thursday I was sick, which wasn't fun. I was fortunate not to throw up though. I had like a fever and my stomach and intestines were not working well. Not fun at least I could keep down water. I think that helped a lot. Sisters Wilde and Hirschi had it last week........ the culprits have been found! Now we know how they felt a week ago.

Friday was good as I got to get out for a bit on exchanges with Elder Shirts our district leader. We were able to teach a cool lesson to a guy who had a lot of doubts about Joseph Smith. It just helped me understand that we need to know the context of what is happening in order to help people out. If we don't we can't ever help them out and sometimes they don't want to help themselves out. I think it can come from being proud or being ignorant. It helps to be understanding and patient with both though.

The rest of the week was good. I saw the Shumway family at church on Sunday. They live in alpine. Elder Shumway was my Zone Leader when I was first a bike elder. He is a really cool guy and helped me a lot when I struggled over there. Apparently Caitlin is famous in school because one of his sisters knows her. I also realize I take less credit than I deserve because of what I have done for the mission.

Thats my week! Have a couple of baptismal dates and approaching baptisms. Brighter future and I am going out with a bang!

Love from a hard working missionary,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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